ArchAngel Michael's Sapphire Blue Ray Temple of Safety and Purification


ArchAngel Michael's Sapphire Blue Ray Temple of Safety and Purification


ArchAngel Michael leads you into the sacred space of his Sapphire Blue Ray Temple of Safety and Purification.

During your journey within these powerfully transformational Blue Ray energies of ArchAngel Michael's Love and Protection, you will receive energetic clearing of your mind, body and spirit.

ArchAngel Michael will secure and integrate aspects of your being that require restoration and have been out of alignment with your overall energetic system.

He will gather you together, from near and far, returning qualified aspects of you safely within the security of your total being.

Archangel Michael and his legions of the Sacred Blue Flame will cleanse and masterfully return to the universe all that no longer serves you.

This special combination of ArchAngel Michael’s gifts and the Strength of his Triple Blue Ray Frequencies will restore you to optimum functioning at the numerous energetic levels of your being.

Special tending will be applied to your mind, body and emotions with focus given on properly integrating, aligning and Upgrading your sacred physical and lightbody systems.

Sacred healing music will provide a backdrop soundscape, especially created in conjunction with ArchAngel Michael, to further enhance this journey experience.

This audio experience and healing journey is appropriate for use as regular energy therapy maintenance or as a special supplemental application to your daily routine.

Use with the application of clear intention and in conjunction with your Higher Intelligence will provide a safe and secure forum to commune with your teams of Light in a New way. This ArchAngel Michael Temple within Your Sacred Heart is Truly safe and sacred ground.

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