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What Kathryn's clients are saying...

"Kathryn has been a shining light of guidance and healing for me for many years now.  She has an astonishing ability to connect with my Guides, Ascended Masters and the Angels to offer clear and concise direction for all areas of my life.  She is also able to zero in on the root of whatever has come up to be released for me and helps me to do so with ease and grace.  I always feel completely safe, secure and wrapped in love during a session with Kathryn- she has helped me become who I am today." 

Wendy Harvill

"I have personally experienced and received the beautiful and forever lasting gifts of healing from Kathryn. Her connection to the Divine is pristine, her healing tools are unlimited and her compassion and non judgment is truly God like."


"I continue to be amazed and pleased with the guidance Kathryn has given me. Her connection to Spirit and her ability to articulate that connection, are what separate her from other intuitives. It's as if she steps right into my life and soul and is able to see, feel and hear what's unfolding, and guide me from that place. She is truly a gifted spiritual healer/counselor."
Dr.Trish Baitinger
Satisfied Client

"I have gained much clarity through readings with Kathryn; it is like she reaches into my own soul and illuminates the wisdom that is there. Sometimes it is not what I want to he..."
Steven Rudnitzky
Satisfied Client

"I've known Kathryn for over five years. She is an immensely talented artist and I was thrilled to hear that she's making her wonderful healing artwork available to the broader community. When I saw the sacred artwork that Kathryn had created for a friend of mine several years ago, I was inspired to order a custom piece for myself. The beautiful painting that I received was Divinely inspired and was a very accurate soul portrait (as I call it). The painting is filled with sacred symbols, multi-layered meanings and intricate designs. It is truly a representation of who I AM and who I'm striving to embody."
Sacred Art Testimonial
Satisfied Customer