Experience the benefits of a Custom Channeled Guided Meditation Audio Tool - created just for you!

During your custom meditation creation session, Kathryn will connect you with Your Higher Intelligence, and lead you on a personal journey that’s customized to supply you with a powerful spiritual energy meditation tool.

A unique experience within the sanctity and security of your sacred heart space will be created for you and your personal spiritual growth

We will invite your Guides, teachers and Angels your join you on your meditation. Through Kathryn’s intuitive gifts, They will draw down into your experience the guided imagery and sacred healing energy that is right and perfect for your personal journey.

Special attention will be paid to creating a meditation that encapsulates and encodes within the journey the appropriate frequencies of RESTORATION, CLEARING, TRANSFORMATION and BIO-COMPUTER STRENGTHENING that you need now and that you can continue to work with, in order to further your personal empowerment journey into the future.

This unique experience is enhanced further as your high quality recorded meditation is set to one of five healing soundscapes, crafted specifically for these Custom Channeled Guided Meditation Sessions by Kathryn’s Sacred Sound Musician and husband, Christopher Bohn.

Kathryn and Christopher have worked with clients together under the auspices of the Angels and have continued to bring forth love from the Realms of Light, together in their Sacred Sound Healing Concerts.

This is a unique personal healing collaboration between your Guides and your higher Intelligence, to bring you a special one of a kind spiritual tool, wrapped in sacred soothing sounds and powerful insight.

Register Below and contact Kathryn for further details.

You will Receive Through This Experience:

~ A live in-person intuitive phone session with Kathryn, prior to starting the recording, to set your intention for your Personal Meditation Journey.

~ A personal Guided Healing Journey created specifically for you for the now and into the future.

~ A Professional, high quality digital Audio Recording (MP$/3) set to special healing soundscapes, delivered to you in-box.

Your High Quality Audio Recording of your meditation is set to one of FIVE HEALING SOUNDSCAPES, crafted specifically for these Custom Channeled Guided Meditation Sessions by Kathryn’s, Husband, Sacred Sound Musician, Christopher Bohn.

Your Personal Journey Experience and Audio Creation Tool : $277.00

Upon receipt of your registration payment, Kathryn will contact you via email to schedule your session.

~ Sessions are 1 &1/2 Hours in Duration : Your FINAL AUDIO RECORDING WILL BE 40-60 Minuets in length.

~ Saturday Appointments are Available

~ Please Allow one week following your session, before delivery, to allow for tracking and final mixing of your Personal Audio Meditation.